If you’re a wholesale distributor looking to add high-quality stone resin shower pans and shower trays to your inventory, you have come to the right place. Shower Pans, LLC specializes in providing wholesale shower pans to wholesale distributors and other resellers. We have a large selection of shower pans for resale and we can provide your company up with everything you’ll need to become a dealer of stone resin shower pans for contractors, builders, and more.

Wholesale Shower Pans For Sale

At Shower Pans, LLC, we offer several types of wholesale shower pans for sale. Wholesale distributors and resellers can choose from our Nature series, our Hermes series,  our Kalos series,our Premium series or ANY of our series including wall panels. We also manufacture custom sizes if you’re in need of shower pans for commercial distributors who need a certain length and width. Notably, we can accommodate almost any custom size request and deliver the stone resin shower pans you need for resale purposes.

The design experts at Shower Pans, LLC have been helping to manufacture some of the very shower pans for more than 25 years now. Outside of making sure that our shower pans look great and perform well once they’re put into place, Shower Pans, LLC also goes above and beyond to ensure our products are in compliance with the ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Our shower pan trays have also achieved the highest OSHA rating for non-slip surfaces.

If you would like more information or to set an appointment to visit our showroom, call Shower Pans, LLC at 650-763-2185 today

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Kevin Lares: 404-551-0102 Owner/Founder- Installation and technical support

Mike Fisher: 305-796-0808 South Florida from Melbourne to Sarasota. mfisher@showerpanliners.com

Isabel Lares: 678-793-2657 AR, AP and shipping. accounting@showerpanliners.com or info@showerpanliners.com