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Shower Pans LLC
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 19 reviews
 by Amanda
Simple and Elegant

My Kalo Shower Pan was installed 8 months ago and is perfect. It is so simple and elegant. The drainage is fast flowing. The graphite color is very rich. It allows my patterned marble floor to shine on its own without a busy mosaic and curb in the shower.

 by Stuart Taylor
Premium Shower Pan

Bought 2 of these in white. Unfortunately one arrived damaged by the carrier, but it was immediately replaced. The quality of them is really high and they look fantastic.

 by Niki Jacobi
Satisfaction guaranteed!

My husband and I searched for a long time to find a shower pan that would fit our needs. Kevin and Isabel were wonderful to work with. They answered all questions and the size we decided on was a perfect fit. If you have any doubts just contact them. The graphite color is a very nice dark gray. The pan itself is very good quality and installation was relatively easy. We installed it right on top of our concrete basement floor. We have been using it for about a year and it is holding up very well. No issues! So much better than anything you would find at a big box store or somewhere like Amazon or Wayfair. Ditch the fiberglass and go with this!

 by Nathan M.
Thank You!

Thank you Isabel, sincerely! And please let Kevin know I appreciate both your efforts here. It's been a long time coming but these will be beautiful. These builders that put up resistance to using these, they don't know what they're missing. I'll never use a tiled shower floor again. Follow up pictures will be coming in a couple weeks.

 by Olvy Johnson
Thank you

Great company. This was going to be perfect for our project, a sleek modern look without all the tremendous labor to rework existing concrete. Unfortunately our order was the last stocked size and color, and the shipping company damaged the item obviously ignoring all shipping labels applied by Showerpanliners. Isabel made great efforts in getting us the product and tried to get a replacement, for now we took a refund and will delay our project in hopes they can restock - thank you Isabel.

Olvy:We apologize for any inconvenience this situation with the shipping company may have caused. Rest assured that we will make sure we order the style, size and color on our next stock order and will call you once it arrives.Kevin & Isabel

 by Pete Stankovich
Customer service A+

Kevin and Isabel,

Thanks so much for your help with the shower pan for our bathroom remodel. The two of you went above and beyond by trying to deliver it to my house ( just a little mixup between I-75 south and I-85 south �de01) It just shows you two really care. The whole experience from the first phone call, getting the pan and the questions I had during my installation, it couldn’t have been better. I finally got done and it all came out great. I recessed the pan down onto the floor joists like your video shows to get a smooth floor to shower pan transition. It looks great and it’s so much better than the normal tile floors everyone else does. Between this pan and the high pressure laminate walls there isn’t a grout line in the whole bathroom. Cleaning will be a breeze


Pete and Connie

Pete/Connie:Thank you so much for your kind words. We strive to make sure we give the best customer service and support. We are happy that your shower came out as beautiful as it did, with your permission, I would like to upload them to our web page.Do not hesitate to call, I am always willing to help.

 by Rebecca Sheehan
Saved the day

My husband and I have been renovating homes for several years. We have lived in all but one as we have moved to different cities around the country. This was our first project that was for someone else (my parents), which added another level of stress. For the bathroom, we decided to use a shower pan in the place of the traditional tile shower floor but were dealing with an odd size. I found Shower Pan Liners on line and discovered they had a pan size that would work perfectly. I called and left a message and Kevin returned my call the next day (Saturday). He explained how everything worked, answered all my questions and let me know that they had only 3 in stock of the Premium in the size and color that I wanted. I placed an order immediately working with Isabel on the paperwork. The shower pan was delivered in a week and in perfect condition. Then, the disaster, someone dropped and chipped the corner and the contractor was calling me in a panic. I called Kevin immediately on a Friday and had the new one (a Neo) delivered on that Wednesday!!! We literally lost only one day of work when it could have been several. We all know time is money and I can’t thank Kevin and Isabel enough for jumping through hoops to help me keep this job on schedule. We will definitely use Shower Pan Liners again for future projects, best Customer Service and a beautiful product.

Rebecca:Thank you so much for your comments. We try very hard to take care of our customers and we often put our selves on their shoes. These times are very hard for most businesses but going the extra mile makes it worthwhile. Let us know if you have any other questions.Kevin & Isabel

 by Mike Kienitz
Thank you

Hi Kevin. It's Mike K. from Asbury Park NJ. It was a crazy summer and I finally remembered to send you some pics of the shower where we installed the shower pan we purchased from you.
The angle was a bit tight, but I wanted you to see how it came out. We love it!
We had three sets of guests over the summer and they loved the primary bathroom, which is where we used the pan liner.
The real estate market here is insane so we decided to list the house. We have a full priced offer accepted after only 2 days on the market.
Thank you for being a part of our remodel.

Wishing you all the best.
Mike K.

Thank you Mike, we are glad we were part of your remodel. That must be a record for selling a house, congratulations.Please, remember us on your next property. With your permission, we will post your pictures on our web page.

 by Alan Rossi
This review will never make their web site

To make a long story short, this 'company', for lack of a better word, wasted my time for a couple of months. On two separate occasions, it took Kevin four days to get back to me, giving me the same excuses why each time, not realizing that I was the same person that he had previously spoken to. But the real problem is that they have very little inventory, they don't know their inventory very well, and when you want to order something that they don't have in stock, they want to charge you $62 more than the price shown on their website, blaming it on an increase in the price of commodities, as a result of Covid 19. When I explained how that cannot be the case, that they should honor the price that was shown, and that Covid has been going on for 16 months, which gave them plenty of time to change their pricing as needed on their site, they said that they could not meet my demands, and would not be able to fulfill my order. They turned away the business because they were getting resistance to what is I'm sure their usual practice of ripping people off. They also had said that if they had what I needed in stock, there would be no additional charge. They were treating my 'order' as a custom order, when it wasn't. It was for a size that they advertised as being a 'regular' order. Also, if you do end up ordering something from them, and I obviously recommend that you don't, you'll have to wait until they acquire 50 to 60 other orders before they will even process your order. I obviously can't speak to the product itself, because I will never see it.

Kevin and Isabel, obviously this 'review' will never see your website. All 10 of them are probably bogus. I will look into how to get this 'review' (with more details included) linked up so that when someone clicks on your website, this will pop up along with it. I know it can be done. And I will also look into contacting the Better Business Bureau to register a complaint. I'm very disappointed in both of you that you would think these dealings were appropriate. All I wanted to do was order your product, at the correct price, even after getting the runaround, and incorrect information time and again. I'll keep looking for the review. Maybe you'll realize that you should have at least one negative one on there. (I'm even forced to put one star, huh?)

Dear Mr. Alan Rossi:Shower pans is responding to your complaint to clarify a misunderstanding. All our reviews, good or bad, make them to the web page, we just never had a bad one to report. We also encourage our customer to read all the information in general that is in our web page prior to placing an order.We reply to our emails withing 24 hours. We have many inquiries and sometimes costumers have similar names. Every time that you called asking questions, patiently and cordially they were answered repeatedly. The real problem is not our little inventory, we have the most common sizes in the most requested colors; white, grey and graphite. In regards of our daily inventory, you might be right. Happens that we have 2 other salespeople making sales and it is difficult to know exactly what we have on a specific moment. We rather make sure that we have the model, color and sizes the customer is looking for before making any promises. You were advised that the light grey was a special order due to demand. The webpage specifies that special orders might incur an additional cost and that not all models and sizes are available in the USA. It is a fact that many commodities and service prices went up. When a customer wants to buy a shower pan that, even though the factory makes, but we do not have it in stock due to demand, the customer understands that there is going to be a wait, this is a choice the customer makes. We have six models in six colors and an average of 40 different sizes; we cannot keep an inventory of 23,000 shower pans. Even the factory does not have every model in every size and every color ready, they have to fabricate them as they are requested. If we were in Spain, we could have it in a week’s time. Unfortunately, we must ship them to the States and now days there are many obstacles in the shipping world since everyone is buying and replenishing their inventories all over the world. We have been selling shower pans to our customers successfully for the past three years. There have been challenges along the way but always have delivered what we promised. We sell beautiful shower pans of great quality for an incredible price. When we sent you the estimate that showed the $62.00 increase it was not because we wanted to rip you off. That was the final cost to you after I ran the cost of shipping that shower pan here. I will spontaneously give you a big list of costumers for you to call to verify their experience with our product and our personal customer service. I guess it is true when they say “You cannot please them all” and we surely try. I am sorry for your negative experience with us. If there is anything that we can do to mitigate this situation, please let us know. Sincerely;The Shower Pan Team

 by Ysabel Peral
Neo shower pan

Very, very happy with my Neo Shower Pan!!
I highly recommend this product for a simple, clean and modern bathroom for 1/2 the cost. Not to mention the easy installation.

Thank you Ysabel, we are so happy you are enjoying our product. Please, do not hesitate to call on us again.

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