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Shower Pans LLC
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by Alan Rossi on Shower Pans LLC
This review will never make their web site

To make a long story short, this 'company', for lack of a better word, wasted my time for a couple of months. On two separate occasions, it took Kevin four days to get back to me, giving me the same excuses why each time, not realizing that I was the same person that he had previously spoken to. But the real problem is that they have very little inventory, they don't know their inventory very well, and when you want to order something that they don't have in stock, they want to charge you $62 more than the price shown on their website, blaming it on an increase in the price of commodities, as a result of Covid 19. When I explained how that cannot be the case, that they should honor the price that was shown, and that Covid has been going on for 16 months, which gave them plenty of time to change their pricing as needed on their site, they said that they could not meet my demands, and would not be able to fulfill my order. They turned away the business because they were getting resistance to what is I'm sure their usual practice of ripping people off. They also had said that if they had what I needed in stock, there would be no additional charge. They were treating my 'order' as a custom order, when it wasn't. It was for a size that they advertised as being a 'regular' order. Also, if you do end up ordering something from them, and I obviously recommend that you don't, you'll have to wait until they acquire 50 to 60 other orders before they will even process your order. I obviously can't speak to the product itself, because I will never see it.

Kevin and Isabel, obviously this 'review' will never see your website. All 10 of them are probably bogus. I will look into how to get this 'review' (with more details included) linked up so that when someone clicks on your website, this will pop up along with it. I know it can be done. And I will also look into contacting the Better Business Bureau to register a complaint. I'm very disappointed in both of you that you would think these dealings were appropriate. All I wanted to do was order your product, at the correct price, even after getting the runaround, and incorrect information time and again. I'll keep looking for the review. Maybe you'll realize that you should have at least one negative one on there. (I'm even forced to put one star, huh?)

Dear Mr. Alan Rossi:Shower pans is responding to your complaint to clarify a misunderstanding. All our reviews, good or bad, make them to the web page, we just never had a bad one to report. We also encourage our customer to read all the information in general that is in our web page prior to placing an order.We reply to our emails withing 24 hours. We have many inquiries and sometimes costumers have similar names. Every time that you called asking questions, patiently and cordially they were answered repeatedly. The real problem is not our little inventory, we have the most common sizes in the most requested colors; white, grey and graphite. In regards of our daily inventory, you might be right. Happens that we have 2 other salespeople making sales and it is difficult to know exactly what we have on a specific moment. We rather make sure that we have the model, color and sizes the customer is looking for before making any promises. You were advised that the light grey was a special order due to demand. The webpage specifies that special orders might incur an additional cost and that not all models and sizes are available in the USA. It is a fact that many commodities and service prices went up. When a customer wants to buy a shower pan that, even though the factory makes, but we do not have it in stock due to demand, the customer understands that there is going to be a wait, this is a choice the customer makes. We have six models in six colors and an average of 40 different sizes; we cannot keep an inventory of 23,000 shower pans. Even the factory does not have every model in every size and every color ready, they have to fabricate them as they are requested. If we were in Spain, we could have it in a week’s time. Unfortunately, we must ship them to the States and now days there are many obstacles in the shipping world since everyone is buying and replenishing their inventories all over the world. We have been selling shower pans to our customers successfully for the past three years. There have been challenges along the way but always have delivered what we promised. We sell beautiful shower pans of great quality for an incredible price. When we sent you the estimate that showed the $62.00 increase it was not because we wanted to rip you off. That was the final cost to you after I ran the cost of shipping that shower pan here. I will spontaneously give you a big list of costumers for you to call to verify their experience with our product and our personal customer service. I guess it is true when they say “You cannot please them all” and we surely try. I am sorry for your negative experience with us. If there is anything that we can do to mitigate this situation, please let us know. Sincerely;The Shower Pan Team

by Ysabel Peral on Shower Pans LLC
Neo shower pan

Very, very happy with my Neo Shower Pan!!
I highly recommend this product for a simple, clean and modern bathroom for 1/2 the cost. Not to mention the easy installation.

Thank you Ysabel, we are so happy you are enjoying our product. Please, do not hesitate to call on us again.

by Nerinder Singh on Shower Pans LLC
great service and amazing product

I was looking for a shower pan for my bathroom remodel and did not want to go with the typical acrylic base or tile. Did a google search and found showerpanliners.com. Reached out to get pictures of available colors and Kevin did much better by sending me actual samples. Ended up buying a pan that was delivered to California within a week. Thanks for providing a great alternative to other ridiculously priced shower pans that look and feel similar. I was one of the lucky few to stumble upon your website. Will spread the word.

Nerinder:Thank you for your review. It was a pleasure working with you. Let us know if there is anything else you need from us.Kevin & Isabel

by Francisco Yelamo on Shower Pans LLC
Amazing product

Great innovation, superb customer service and product presentation. Congratulations !!

Thank you Francisco, we are very happy that you are enjoying our product!!

by Ryan Botts on Shower Pans LLC
Great customer service

Ryan Botts recommends Shower Pans LLC.

Beautiful product and OUTSTANDING customer service. Kevin was always there to answer any questions and keep us updated on the order.

This is a review left by Mr. Botts on our Facebook page.Thank you Ryan for your review, we try to provide a great product with great customer service.

by Ryan Botts on Shower Pans LLC
beautiful product!

Outstanding product and service. Ordered right before COVID hit causing delays. Kevin kept us informed of what was happening the entire time. The customer service here is amazing. Super easy to install and a makes for a beautiful shower.

Ryan:Thank you for your review, we really appreciate it. We try our best to meet everyone's requests. We are glad you are enjoying our product!!

by Sarah Oldaker - Interior Designer for Margaret Ash Design on Shower Pans LLC
Saved the day for a client!

Great product and our client loves it! We were in the process of turning our clients guest house into a complete guest suite with a bathroom and shower when we realized some foundational issues were preventing us from using tile. Shower Pan was a great solution - easy to install right on top of existing floor. The shower pan looks great, was in stock, and delivered within a week to California. Porcelanosa for a fraction of the cost. Will definitely be using again in future projects for our design clients!

Thank you Sarah for your kind words. We are super happy your customer liked our product, looking forward to working with you and your firm again.

by Vanessa on Shower Pans LLC
Gorgeous Product, easy installation

Thank you shower pans for making my bathroom dreams come true!! Such a cant experience with the owners, they were attentive to what I was looking for and shipped the product to me in a timely manner. Kevin let me know that the installation would be fairly simple & he was right! Thank you again - I am looking forward to referring you to friends and family.

Vanessa:Thank you for your review, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I am glad the installation went well.

by Heather Savidge on Shower Pans LLC
Great product and service

Heather Savidge
May 26 at 9:17 PM · Public
I came across Shower Pans LLC while doing a google search for stylish alternatives to tile shower floors. I hate cleaning grout lines, I didn’t want to pay the labor of having the floor built and tiled, but I also didn’t want the cheap look of an acrylic insert. My search said stone composite floors were superior, and my search for where to buy them led me to Shower Pans LLC. I checked out the website and online catalogs and was impressed, so I Facebook messaged the business. Kevin replies right away, answered my questions, had exactly what I was looking for, and not only did he allow me to place my order online, he and his lovely wife drove 2+ hours to deliver it to me and bring a sample of the gorgeous wall panels to look at and feel. First, the product is unbelievably beautiful and sturdy, and will be so easy to install, care for, and clean...not to mention it’s literally half the price of the tile mess everyone else is getting these days. I love the modern edge of it! Kevin was an absolute pleasure to deal with, they were SO helpful, and I will 100% be using this company for my other home shower, and any future showers we install in our new builds and flips. Thank you guys!!

Thank you Heather, looking forward to working with you in the near future. Please send us the photos of your new home.

by Chris Campos on Shower Pans LLC
Thrilled Customer

I decided to remove the bathtub in my father's Bathroom to make it easier for him to take showers. After researching several options, I discovered Shower Pan and purchased one of their products. The installation process was simple and the contractor that I hired to complete the project had no issues with the installation and was impressed with the quality of the product. I am a fan and plan on updating my other bathrooms with the same product.

Mr Campos:We are so glad your father is enjoying our shower pan, and that we were able to provide you with the right product and service. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future.

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