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Modern and Stylish Design

Our premium shower tray, with set and marked lines will enhance the uniqueness of your bathroom, giving it a sophisticated look thanks to the boldness of it’s style. Elegance and durability gives it the versatility to match any bathroom look you choose.


State of the Art Design

Baltimore– elegant, stylish and modern- the clean look of the Baltimore tray brings to your bathroom that modern touch you are looking for. It’s pioneered design combined with our high quality materials brings a touch of class to your bathroom.


Simple and Elegant Design

Our nature tray will bring that minimalist and easy look for a natural comfortable atmosphere. Clean and non-existant lines will give you that infinite and elegant look.

Marco Nature

Minimalist Design

Water tight security due to it’s outer frame. Designed for those spaces where a flush look is not possible and a small reveal is acceptable or desired.

Nature Plus

Central Drain Design

Thanks to it’s waved framed shape and central location of the valve, this design has a slope that guarantees the speed and reliability in the water evacuation


Hidden Drain Design

The European market trend has enticed us to present a variance to the conventional tray. It’s sloped look and bold lines will enhance any bathroom.


Unique, Modern Design

Exclusive lateral valve position with a design that is adaptable to all bathroom styles

Simple Installation

Our shower pans/trays are easy to install, even though we recommend our pans be installed by a PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTOR OR LICENSED PLUMBER, the DIY person can easily install them by following our simple video or the instructions that come with the product.

Variety of Colors




Pearl Grey



White, black and grey add a touch of class to any bathroom, we also offer additional colors like beige and light grey. As an option we will offer all the colors in the RAL color spectrum as well as customizing your shower pan/tray with your favorite team logo or personal picture.


Shower Pans LLC