Baltimore Series 32” x 47” Shower Base


  • Exact Dimensions: 31.5 inch x 47.25 inch
  • High Quality Stone resin and the latest mineral fillers.
  • Highly resistant level 3 anti-slip Gel Coat.
  • Class C3 natural slate textured finish.
  • Anti-bacterial, non-porous and scratch resistant
  • Less weight and easy to install

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  • One of the keys to assembling a modern bathroom is bringing together different design elements to get the job done. The Baltimore Series 32” x 47” shower pan/tray from Shower Pans, LLC is one of the design elements that make your bathroom look more modern overall. From the positioning of its grill to the special tilt that provides proper drainage, it has all the design touches your bathroom needs. It’s also composed of polyester resin and mineral fillers and has both a highly resistant anti-slip gel coat and a natural slate texture to boot. And as if all that wasn’t enough, this shower pan is antibacterial, scratch-resistant, and non-porous, too.

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