Premium Series 32” x 47” Shower Base


  • High Quality Stone resin and the latest mineral fillers.
  • Highly resistant level 3 anti-slip Gel Coat.
  • Class C3 natural slate textured finish.
  • Anti-bacterial, non-porous and scratch resistant
  • Less weight and easy to install
  • Exact Dimensions: 31.5 inch x 47.25 inch

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  • If you have a new bathroom that’s filled with well-defined lines and sophisticated design elements, why not keep it going when putting a new shower pan into place? The Premium Series 32” x 47” shower pan/tray from Shower Pans, LLC., will work well in this kind of space, thanks to its polyester resin and mineral filler composition, its natural slate texture, and its anti-slip gel coat. Armed with all the right lines and angles, it also has a steep tilt that will help it drain quicker than most other pans on the market today. Additionally, it’s antibacterial, non-porous, and even scratch-resistant, which will allow it to maintain its great look for years to come.

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